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Loon Press Release

Ice Castle Coming to Loon Mountain!

Date:  Friday, November 22, 2013


Lincoln, NH – This winter, the East Coast’s first Ice Castle, a frozen fortress with walls of ice reaching 25 feet high, will debut at Loon Mountain Resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  

The brainchild of Utah-based artist Brent Christensen, Ice Castles are created from nothing more than a a vast sprinkler system yielding a latticework of icicles. By ‘growing’ icicles at night with sprinklers, and then strategically arranging them, Christensen and his crew will craft a palatial abode of frozen stalactites and stalagmites. During the day, visitors explore an icy stronghold that glows a glacial blue; by night, an array of embedded multicolored lights transforms the castle into a frozen, glowing Narnia.

Loon Mountain will be Christensen’s first Ice Castle creation on the East Coast. Last winter, Christensen constructed wildly-popular castles at Steamboat Springs in Colorado and the Mall of America in Minnesota. Those castles played host to myriad marriage proposals, professional photo shoots, and untold inspiration. The frozen structures were featured on Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, and other national and local media outlets.

The Ice Castle at Loon Mountain will open to the public in mid to late December, and remain open through mid March, depending on weather and conditions.The Ice Castle will also be available for private rental and photo shoots.

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