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Events, Activities & Services Loon Mountain Monster Mud Run

Monster Mud Run at Loon Mountain - Coming July 12, 2014

If you’ve been searching for a place where mud and mountains meet, look no further than the Monster Mud Run at Loon Mountain, coming July 12, 2014.

Returning for its fourth year, this fiendishly filthy 5k will have you tackling dozens of mucky obstacles as you grunt your way over some of the muddiest, most rugged terrain in the White Mountains. Along the way you’ll drag snowmaking hoses through the mud, crawl under barbed wire, and challenge yourself in amazingly mucky ways. Don’t worry, we won’t zap you with electric shocks as you slog a dozen or more miles. We want you to have fun, not fry.

We think past racer Andrew M. described the Monster Mud Run best when he said “I’m tired, sore, battered, bruised, and I STILL have mud in places that mud should never be. Thanks for a fun day!”  

Once you finish the Monster Mud Run, you’ll be able to relax, listen to live music, and enjoy a perfectly muddy summer afternoon. Even kids will get in on the action with the Mini Monsters Run, a pint-sized obstacle course perfect for aspiring mudletes. 

Individual (M/F): $65
D uo (Group of 2): $130
Team (Group of 4): $260

Register Here

Read the Muddy FAQ


Male (Individual), Female (Individual), Duo (Group of 2), Team (Group of 4)
To ensure that all group members run in the same heat, we encourage you to sign up together. Heats are capped at 100 competitors.

I want a trophy!

Run fast, Grasshopper! First place finishers in each division will take home the now-famous Monster Mud Run engraved hatchet, which will look excellent mounted on – or embedded in – your wall at home.

"Not So Fast" Events

Not looking for the best time out there? Don't worry, here are a couple of "side-events" happening during the 2014 Monster Mud Run.

Costume Contest: As a team, duo, or on your own, dress up in your wildest outfit that you don't mind soiling (with mud, of course). The best costumes will be judged by the Monster Mud Run staff, so make them good!

Best Team Name/Duo Name: With past gems like “Mudweiser” and “Angry French Toast Mafia” we just had to create an award for best team name. Start flexing those brain cells now and you and your teammate(s) could be crowned the winners.

Who is This Race For? The course and obstacles are designed to make you sweat, make you smile, and make you dirty. It will push you to your physical limit, but we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a good time doing it. Monster Mudders must be at least 14 years old on race day. Monster Mudders under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver on-site at the race. 

But I've Got Kids! Perfect! Bring them along. We like to call kids “Mini-Monsters” and we’ve set-up a scaled-down version of the Monster Mud Run course just for them. It’s free to run, but parents must visit the registration table to fill out a waiver before their children race the course. 

2013 Monster Mud Run Race Results