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Mountain Information 2013 Monster Mud Run Course Description and Map

Unlike other mud runs that stretch on for a dozen or more miles, the Monster Mud Run is a fast and filthy 5k over hills, down ski trails, and across the kind of rugged terrain that only Loon Mountain can provide. You'll tackle plenty of challenging obstacles, like the now-infamous Horse Barn Hurdles and Snowmaker’s Boot Camp. Here's what the 2013 Monster Mudders had to endure - but don’t get all cuddly with this list. The 2014 Monster Mud Run is going to test your commitment to filth in so many new and exciting ways.

Dumpster Dive – Channel your inner hobo by diving into a dumpster. What's inside? You'll find out. Yep, you'll definitely find out.

Sadistic Slalom – Ascending rock ledges and weaving through thickets of bushes and brambles on the way up a steep lift line sounds pretty rugged, huh? That's because it is.

Horse Barn Hurdles – A crowd favorite that rewards flexible hamstrings and a complete lack of dignity. Hop over several chest-high horse stalls in quick succession, and hope for the best.

Culvert Crawl – With snow guns blasting overhead, this crawl through the mud is sure to soil your armor – if it's not soiled already.

Lincoln Logs – We'll have you do something crazy with logs. And mud, lots of mud.

Arachnophobia – Run through a giant spider web and try not to freak out. The good news? We couldn't find a giant spider this year.

Wall Puzzle – You'll need all your problem-solving skills to scale this wall, which is pretty skimpy on hand holds, honestly.

Easiest Way Down – In the winter, Snubber is a green-circle trail for beginners. When you run up the same trail in the summer, it will feel like you're summiting Mount Everest. The best part? You get to climb a big rock wall at the top.

Chairlift Challenge – Some jerk left a bunch of chairs lying out on the course. You’ll have to climb over each one. Sorry.

Snowmaking Boot Camp – Snowmakers have the toughest job on the mountain. Walk a quarter-mile in their shoes by lugging heavy snowmaking hose up & down the mountain. Oh, and we’ve thrown in some barbed wire too.

Stairway to Hell - Ascend the Hubba, the terrain park staircase used for jibbing in the winter. It’s trickier than it sounds, since the stairs hang five feet above the ground during the summer.

Strange Cargo – Climb up a cargo net, just like in gym class. Except now you’re old.

Babe’s Bath – Swim, wade, and thrash your way across our ice-cold snowmaking pond. Say hi to the lifeguard on your way through.

Cold Storage - Climb up and over two massive 10-foot-tall storage containers. Ask a teammate or fellow racer for a hand up.