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VIP Seasonal Private Lessons

Adult Seasonal Programs

You don't have to be a teenage racer or park rat to enjoy the seasonal programs at Loon. The Adult Seasonal programs will give you access to a welcoming community of adults who love to ski and ride just as much as you. Choose from the VIP Adult Seasonal Private Lesson below, or check out the Flying 50s program.

VIP Adult Seasonal Private Lesson

Perfect for business colleagues, friends, or anyone looking to form their own season-long group for an exclusive, private skiing experience. Groups can be comprised of up to 10 participants, and the group chooses how many days they will meet, for how long, and where they meet. 

Private groups are limited in availability and should be reserved in advance.


Contact Casey McIntosh, Snowsports Coordinator ( to determine instructor availability, establish rates, finalize dates, and establish meeting location. Due to the customized nature of each group,
registration is not available online or at the Information Desks.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds, except in the case of illness or injury that precludes the individual from participating for the remainder of the season. Must contact the Ski and Snowboard Director or administrative assistant.